“A long journey and a dream brought me where I am now.”
— Dimitri Stefanov

Dimitri Stefanov was born in Pleven in 1987. He lived in Spain for 13 years. n 2009 he graduated with a Master’s degree in Documentary Photography at the photography school EFTI in Madrid, where he was awarded Photographer of the Year and had a solo exhibition Not About Football. Dimitri won a scholarship for the Gervasio Sanchez Albarracin, and his work has been published in some of the leading Bulgarian and international journals. In 2010 he participated in the International Meetings of Photography in Plovdiv and won the Young Photographer of the Year award from BG Pressphoto. In 2011, he was a finalist in the POYi Emerging Vision Incentive.
In 2011, he is chocen for the Photo Joop Swart Masterclass, organized by World Press Photo. After a serious selection of over 175 participants from all over the world, on May 9 a phone call informed him that he was among the selected participants. “When you get elected, you realise that all the years you’ve spent studying, reading and watching are worth it, even if you didn’t realise it while you were doing it,” Dimitri says. In 2013 he is a finalist for the Pikto Award, and at the beginning of 2020 his photographic exhibition VIK took place in Gallery Synthesis, Sofia, which was very well received and was visited by over 2000 people.

He says he doesn’t take pictures to find out what the world is like, but for the world to find out who he is.

“This, of course, does not happen in a day. A good writer is first and foremost a good reader. A very good artist has also watched many of his peers – it’s a process. I am the same way. My education helped me develop a vast visual culture and knowledge of photography, for which I am grateful to all my teachers. But most of all, they have given me knowledge about life and the freedom to be myself.”


2009 – Master degree in Documentary photography in Efti, Madrid
2009 – Talent of the year, Efti, Madrid
2009 – Solo еxhibition “Not about football” Efti, Madrid
2009 – Publication “Not about football” in Burn magazine
2009 – Scholarship Fotoperiodismo albarracin, Organized by Gervasio Sanchez
2010 – Solo exhibition “No country” in International festival of photography in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2011 – Nominated for “The joop swart masterclass” – World press photo, Amsterdam
2011 – Voted “One of the 12 greatest talents of the year” by World press photo
2012 – Finalist in “Poyi emerging vision incentive”
2012 – Photo book next #1 Joop Swart masterclass “Collapse” by World press photo
2012 – Interview about “Collapse” – World press photo
2012 – Finalist top 10 photographers “Pikto award”, Canada
2013 – Third place documentary story of the year “Old men love”, Bg press photo
2013 – Member of Photographic museum of humanity, Argentina
2013 – Bulgarian photography now “Collapse”
2014 – Paraty em foco “Sound of East”, Brasil
2019 – Fujifilm gfx 100 photographic review in Iceland
2020 – Solo exhibition “Vik”, Sofia, Bulgaria


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