Philosophy and Methodology

Our core mission is discovering and creating
authors in the field of photography.

The Academy

What comes before creativity? What comes before creation? Inspiration, effort, accumulation of knowledge and skills, challenges and the right environment. This is what we strive for and what we offer to the everyone who chooses BECA..


Theory and practice are fundamental for us and for photographers who want to build their portfolio and personal style. Their projects will be discussed and analyzed by proven professionals, practicing photographers with a deep and contemporary artistic mind.


The Academy stands behind the belief that photography is not just a mechanism, a technology, or a tool, but a deep reading of the world around us and a visual language of each author.

Following the example of the firs Ἀκαδημία, we are united by our love for photography and photography as a love language. Because knowledge is the highest form of love and strive for perfection.

We strive to be a unifier of the contemporary photography community in Bulgaria and to provide new opportunities for teaching, realization and development of talented artists.

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