Together we grow and leave a mark,
because we believe in our dreams!

Dimitri Stefanov

founder • director • lecturer

Dimitri Stefanov was born in Pleven in 1987. He lived in Spain for 13 years. In 2009 he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Documentary Photography from the EFTI School of Photography in Madrid. Dimitri has won a number of scholarships and his work has been published in some of the leading Bulgarian and international journals. In 2011, he was selected for the Photo Joop Swart Master Class organized by World Press Photo.

Velina Stefanova

co-founder • executive director

Velina Stefanova graduated from the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski with a major in Public Relations. She works as a PR and digital marketing specialist for TV shows, series and other institutions. In 2018 she was the manager of a European international project and from 2017-2019 she was the face of Vivacom. In 2020 Velina organizes the solo exhibition “VIK” by Dimitri Stefanov.

Antonia Baramova

Public Relations

Antonia Baramova majored in Information Funds of Cultural and Historical Heritage at University of Library Studies and Information Technologies in 2012 and continued with Creative Communications at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. There she obtained a postgraduate qualification in photography. For many years she worked as a content creator, PR and copywriter for several leading advertising agencies and other projects.

Asen Velichkov

Web Designer

Asen Velichkov graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski with a major in Cultural Studies. He has worked in the NGO sector, in culture and media, for many years. In 2015, he started designing and developing websites and currently runs a successful business in the field.

Ivaylo Yorgov


Ivaylo Yorgov is an experienced marketer whose work focuses on providing research-based development strategies. Through qualitative and quantitative methodologies as well as advanced customer understanding practices, he applies an innovative approach to reach the hearts and minds of consumers.

Alexander Kartchinski

lecturer • learning coordinator

Alexander Kartchinski is a documentary wedding photographer, born in 1979 in Ruse. Graduated in Computer Technology in Ohio, USA, but since 2004 he has been working in photography. In 2010 he started professionally shooting advertising, interior, family but mainly wedding photography.

Nikola Saev


Photographer Nikola Saev graduated in Computer Science at the UNWE. He has been into photography ever since he was a teenager, his first passion was landscape photography. He started working professionally as a photographer 2 years ago after successfully completing his training at BECA Before Creating Academy. He is also working on several documentary projects. He is the author of a literary fantasy series and says that only while we create we find our place in the world.

Ivaylo Donchev


Photographer Ivaylo Donchev studied Documentary Photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He follows his goals and is dedicated to documenting extreme sports. Over the years, he has created dozens of diverse projects and exhibitions around the world. Inspired by freedom, adrenaline and feeling alive! In 2021 he was named the first licensed Red Bull photographer in Bulgaria.

George Todoroff


Georgi Todorov discovered the world of photography in 2008. He’s been active in the field for more than ten years and has moved through various projects and genres. Since 2017 he is focused entirely on portrait and fashion/commercial photography in a studio. Handling and controlling artificial light is the main aspect of his work. His style is becoming more and more recognizable because of the way he uses light in his photographs.

Antonio González Caro

foreign speaker

Antonio González Caro was born in 1984 in Spain. He studied fine arts, but photography changed his life. Soon after, he went to Madrid to study at the EFTI Photography School. He has an MA in Documentary Photography and his work has been published in Lens Culture, PHE and other global platforms. His photography has been recognized and shown in a number of international exhibitions between 2009 – 2019.

Nadezhda Chipeva


Nadezhda Chipeva is a big name in Bulgarian photo journalism, a name we have seen in every important event for years. She’s a photographer and winner of many awards, including the journalism award “Chernorizets Hrabar”. She started her career in the “Bulgarian Photography” newspaper in 1981, then worked for the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency, in the “24 Chasa”, “Sega”, “Dnevnik” and “Capital” medias for more than 20 years. She has had several exhibitions in the country and abroad.

Kiril Stanoev


Kiril Stanoev was born in 1983 in Sofia. He has worked in the visual arts – painting, graphics, comics, and since 2009 he has added photography to his resume. His main topic of work is man and portraiture in all its dimensions. His work has been published in Vogue, Esquire, Playboy, Maxim and other magazines. He has been a part of numerous Bulgarian and international exhibitions.

Lora Stavreva


Lora Stavreva majored in International Economic Relations and then worked in Administrative Management in several private companies. She is currently completing her MA in Photography at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia and is a BECA student. She is mostly interested in documentary, social and narrative photography.

Alexander Petrov

Office Manager

Alexander Petrov graduated high school in Reykjavik, Iceland. In 2016 he started doing photography and it became his passion. The BECA Photography Academy brought him back to Bulgaria, where he studies photography and develops as an author.

Diana Madzharova

content creator

Diana Madzharova graduated in Korean Studies at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski and is currently completing two master’s degrees. She professionally creates content in its various forms – encyclopedic, media, corporate. Her interest in photography starts in her high school years. She loves conceptual and the indirect photography, which makes you think.

Ognyan Tsvetkov


Ognyan Tsvetkov graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. He is the editor-in-chief of DRAFT, a print publication for analogue photography, and the author in contemporary digital media. He started doing photography while he was in university. He is a finalist in the first edition of the BECA Photo Award 2021. He believes in the power of free will.