Action Photography

photography course

Ivaylo Donchev

1 month • 8 classes

10 credits


What will you learn?

Action photography is closely related to different types of sports and activities, extreme sports or otherwise. It can serve both commercial and documentary purposes through storytelling.

The course will introduce you to what action photography can be; something much more than just capturing the “perfect moment”. We will focus on how to approach a project related to any sport/activity, how to work and communicate with an athlete, how to plan and set clear goals for what , how to react if we find ourselves in an unpredictable situation and what other skills we need to be good at it.

You will have the chance to practice in the field and see the whole process in action as well as different ways to approach depending on your goals. Together we will taste the freedom and inspiration that photography brings. You can find that and much more in the Action Photography Course.

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