Conceptual Portrait Photography

photography course

Kiril Stanoev

2 months • 16 classes


what will you learn?

There are barriers buried deep inside all of us waiting to be overcome so we can fearless in our creativity. This is actually possible with the help of the universal language of photography. The camera is a creative tool, like a brush in the hands of an artist. Before we start using it, we need a visual way of thinking and an idea. It takes imagination, inspiration and a bold photography concept that represents the artist.

What is a portrait? Why do we shoot conceptual portrait photography? What types of conceptual portrait photography are there? How to photograph the idea we have? How to make an installation and find props to realize our idea? How to use the frame as a narrative? Interaction between form, colour, light, symmetry, proportion, balance. Is the body language aesthetic of the people we photograph an important element and how do we choose who to photograph? How do we develop complex understanding and an identity as photographers and how long will it take?

We will find the answers to these and many other questions together throughout the process of creating conceptual portrait photography – from the very beginning to the already printed photograph. Throughout the course we will also look at examples from the history of photography and learn how to create our own visual language. Together we will analyze and study the basics of the author’s photographic project and start working on one.

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