Advanced Photography Course

photography course
The course will help us understand that it is not the camera that creates images, but us as authors. Photography is the language we use to show our inner world and our understanding of the world. Advanced Photography Course is divided into two parts – theory and practice. In the theoretical part you will gain useful knowledge about basic concepts in photography, camera control as well as working with Adobe Lightroom Classic. But before we answer the question “How?” it is important to ask ourselves “Why?”.

We will take an in-depth look at the development and evolution of photography across genres. We will examine and analyze the photography of artists who have left their mark in history. Students will complete multiple photographic assignments and will focus on the ability to analyze and comment on their results.

Last but not least, we will try to understand and make sense of why photography is more than an image and what is the power of photographic narrative?

Alexander Kartchinski

2 months • 16 classes

April 28th 2022

What will you learn?


  • Въведение
  • История на фотографията
  • Фотографската камера
  • Основни понятия
  • Развитие и еволюция на фотографията
  • Фотографски жанрове. Същност и особености
  • Известни автори
    – Езикът на фотографията


  • Работа по кратки серии
  • Представяне и анализ на кадри
  • Селекция и редактиране
  • Обработка и работен процес в Adobe Lightroom Classic
  • Упражнение на наученото
  • Обмяна на опит и екипни задачи
ИСКАШ ЛИ ДА УЧИШ фотография?
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