Love Storytelling

photography course

Dimitri Stefanov

2 months • 14 classes + 2 professional practice lessons


what does the course cover?

Love is a sensation. Love is different for everyone and sometimes incomprehensible. Photographing love – it is closeness, sincerity, primacy, intimacy.

We create photography. It’s important to all of us to not only capture the moment, but to tell a love story that never fails to move us, whether we look at it now or later. In this course we will learn the difference between an image and a photograph! What should it express and how? Why should we pay attention to the details.. what do they tell us and why? Can staged or posed shots successfully represent love and convey that emotion? The priorities before, during and after photographing.

What approach should we use? How do we connect with the people we photograph? How do we convey an emotion with our photography? These are some of the important qualities a photographer should have when working with people. When the people in front of you trust you and empathize with your emotion as an author, that’s when good photography is created. We’ll pay ample attention to the technical aspects and editing, but we’ll also focus on the influence of documentary photography on love storytelling. We will be focusing heavily on the selection of photographs as well as arranging them into an exciting story. Students will complete multiple photographic assignments and two practical lessons in the field, and then we will analyze the results together. We will create a good balance between theory, practice and analysis.

Let’s immerse ourselves in the photography that takes our breath away every time we see it!

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