photography course

Nadezhda Chipeva

1 month • 8 classes


what will you learn?

What is photojournalism? It’s a specific form of journalism that uses images to tell a news story. Like a journalist, a photojournalist tells news stories, not with words, but by using a camera. Whether traveling to locations on assignment or simply capturing events as they unfold, a photographer’s job is to witness events and capture them in a way that will make viewers feel as if they were there.

The photographer decides what to photograph. It’s up to the journalist how to present the story. How to impartially present an issue/event with images that have context and body.

Throughout the course, we will dive deep into the world of photojournalism. We will learn how to document an event with the right tools and approach. We will analyze the history of photojournalism, new media and the forms of photography in them. We will work on our ability to report news in action as well as create photographs with character. This course is aimed at those who are familiar with photojournalism and want to gain knowledge about the intricacies of this profession from one of the most established photojournalists in Bulgaria with many years of experience in the field.

ИСКАШ ЛИ ДА УЧИШ фотография?
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