Portfolio review

What is a Portfolio Review?

Haven’t applied for a portfolio review before? It’s one of the best ways to better understand your own work as a photographer and learn how to improve yourself. During your portfolio review in a one-on-one session with one of our lecturers, you will talk about your photographic work. You decide in advance what you want to present and compile it into a portfolio. How you use your time is up to you and based on your requirements and the questions you want answered.

Why it’s important to sign up

Our Academy created BECA Portfolio Reviewto help talented artists find their photographic voice, lay the groundwork for a long-term project, and get practical advice from the right people.

Whether you’re on a creative journey with a personal photography project that needs editing or you’d just like to share and analyze your ideas, don’t be afraid to show your photography and talk about it. Of course, Portfolio Review is more than a discussion of individual photographs, it’s an examination of the overall visual language of your work.

Because at a time when photography is incredibly accessible thanks to the ever-advancing digital cameras and smartphones, it’s more important than ever to contextualize our photography as artists, to photograph in a way that allows the images to work together and represent us as their creators. A portfolio review is an important step towards making sense of a photographer’s entire body of work and useful feedback how it is perceived by others.

What to prepare?

Your challenge is to choose which photographs you want to present. Naturally, the session does not offer enough time to analyze thousands of frames. So look through your work and decide which photographs represent your visual language and compile them into a selection of up to 30 frames. In the past, portfolio review has been through a physical folder of printed photographs and our Academy believes in the benefits of this methodology. When applying for Portfolio Review you will attach your digital selection, which you will also present in print during your live session with the reviewer.

Additional information

  • application is open
  • one-to-one live session at time and date scheduled beforehand
  • duration 60 minutes
  • up to 30 frames
  • attached images up to 2000px on the long side
  • printed images up to 20/30 cm
  • participation fee 120 BGN.

Presenting and talking about our work is the best way to understand ourselves as photographers!

Application form

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