Studio Photography

practical course

George Todoroff

2 months • 8 classes + 2 professional practices


what will you learn?

Simply, studio photography takes place indoors and the photographer has complete control over all the elements that go into creating the image. Studio photography, however, can be challenging. The equipment needed, the inherent complexity of managing it, and many other elements of the studio process are the foundation of professional studio photography!

What are the types of studio ligh? How do we use studio light? How to use the light to our advantage?

This course will cover a variety of topics from studio setup and technical camera settings to working with models and body language. The course will include both theory and practice, and will focus on commercial beauty photography. We will learn how to create images that require as little post-production as possible, but we will also give due attention to post-production as well.

If you want to expand your knowledge of studio photography, learn to confidently create amazing images, and manage the creative process of working with models, makeup artists and stylists, this course is for you!

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