Wedding Photography

photography course

Alexander Kartchinski

2 months • 16 classes


what will you learn?

Lately, on a global scale wedding photography has developed tremendously mainly due to increased financial interest and widely available photographic equipment. Wedding photographers often experiment and look for new methods to satisfy the desires of different clients. In this course we will look at the trends in wedding photography in Bulgaria and around the world.

The technical and organizational aspects of wedding photography will be discussed,but we will focus on the influence of documentary photography on wedding photography and on answering a bunch of important questions. Is wedding photography an art form? How to bring out the emotion in a wedding photographic narrative? How does ethics in wedding photography work?

The main goal of the course is to help students find their way in photography and how to start and maintain a wedding business. A small part of the program will be dedicated to family photography and its subtypes.

ИСКАШ ЛИ ДА УЧИШ фотография?
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