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When do courses start?
The next session at the Academy starts on April 25th 2022. Applications are open to anyone wishing to immerse themselves in the world of photography We kindly remind you that the groups are limited to 10 people, but you can reserve a spot.
Where is the Academy?

We look forward to meeting you at the Academy, located on 57 Vasil Levski Blvd. (above Photosynthesis store). Together with our partners from Photosynthesis and gallery Synthesis, we have built an artistic and friendly environment where you can fully immerse yourself in the world of photography.

What is the schedule?
Classes are held twice or once a week (depending on the course). They are focused on both theory and practice. In addition to regular classes, students have the opportunity to have a personal chat with the lecturers in online groups on social media.
How long is one class?
The duration of one class is 2 hours.
How many students are in one group?
The BECA courses are organised in small groups, which allows lecturers to apply an individual approach with each students. This method aims to establish a friendly learning environment, in which teachers and students work closely together and exchange knowledge.
Do I get a certificate at the end of a course?

Upon completion of each photography course, students receive an authentic BECA certificate. They also receive a certain number of credits, and those who manage to accumulate 100 credits through various courses at the Academy and have a diploma from our Master of Photography program, can receive the opportunity to win an international scholarship to study at the EFTI – Centro Internacional de Fotografia y Cine after submitting a final project, which is evaluated by an international jury. Graduates of the Master of Photography program also have this opportunity.

* The diploma issued by BECA | Before Creating Academy is not accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science, but it is recognized by creative industries in Bulgaria and abroad.

How can I apply for a course?

Apply via our application form by choosing a course and answering a few questions. This way we will get to know your personality, experience and motivation. You will receive additional information, pricing list and schedule, and answers to your questions. Keep in mind that the last step of your application in the Academy is the confirmation you will receive for a successful bank transfer!

Should I have a certain level of experience before I apply?
The courses at the Academy are aimed at emerging and professional photographers, but also include courses for beginners.
How can I become a member of the community?
Our community has a mission to develop and support its members and to provide a creative environment, where photographers can meet and exchange ideas.

Choose between a BASIC / PREMIUM membership, as well as your subscription period. The membership lasts 3, 6 or 12 months. You have the opportunity to renew your membership at a 5% discount. You can find more information about our community and how to become member here.

How can I win an international scholarship?
BECA | Before Creating Academy is based on a European education standard. We are in partnership with the renowned EFTI – Escuela de Fotografía y Cine in Madrid, Spain. Our students have the opportunity to win a scholarship to study at EFTI, Madrid, through a final project, which will by reviewed by an international jury.
What is our Covid-19 policy?

The courses and programs at BECA are fully compliant with the challenges the education system around the world is facing nowadays. We meet all the requirements imposed by the government. However, we can provide an online form of learning, if necessary, after which the live classes will resume.

Does the Academy provide photographic equipment?
Students have the opportunity to test different types of cameras and equipment provided by Photosynthesis store. The Academy does not provide equipment for personal use outside the Academy and Photosynthesis premises. Each student must have their personal equipment.
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