31 July – 1 August 2021
7 – 8 August 2021
28 – 29 August 2021

BECA organizes photography classes in Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna!

Over the past year, we received many inquiries from inspired photographers who live outside the capital, but are looking for a community to grow as artists and dream with, asking if we can organize photography classes in their city. Driven by one true purpose – to be a support and inspiration for all these authors, our team is going strong!

If you are looking for answers to the essential questions about creativity that shape us as artists –
this masterclass is for you.


Documentary photography is a very complex, deep and authentic subject matter. It is the reason why we create evocative, timeless photography that won’t leave us feeling indifferent. In this masterclass we will explore what it really is in theory and practice.

Our team organizes these masterclasses to give both amateur and professional photographers the opportunity to unite in two days of intensive work, exchange of experience, knowledge and inspiration.

We are opening BECA’s doors to authors from all over Bulgaria in hopes of meeting many more creative and talented people who will get the desired feedback and leave recharged and enriched.


Day 1


1. Introduction

2. What is documentary photography?

3. Authors

4. Visual culture and inspiration

5. What is story and narrative through photography?

6. Elements of the photographic essay

7. What should we photograph?

8. Setting a task

Day 2


1. Photography critics

2. Documentary photography analysis

3. Task overview

4. Stages of creating a photographic narrative

5. How to express who we are through our photography?

6. How should we present our work and to whom?

7. Portfolio review

8. In-depth analysis and useful tips

* We recommend you bring 15-20 of your photographs (print up to 10/15 cm or on a USB drive)
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